About Us


Founder, Rebecca Turlay, is an Idahoan native. After graduating from Meridian High School, she completed her six-year active duty contract with the United States Navy. Still unsure of her path, REbecca embarked on a 7 month-long trip aroudn the world. During this time, she received her yoga teaching training in Bali, Indonesia, the yoga capital of the world. Finally, a clear vision and purpose in life. She returned home to Idaho to share her knowledge with those closest to her heart - YOU! Frustrated with inflated yoga membership costs, Rebecca decided to open Oasis Yoga Studio right here in Kuna, Idaho at reasonable prices. Specializing in beginner yoga and passionate about introducing locals to the discipline (and all the benefits that come along with it), Rebecca and everyone here at Oasis Yoga Studio looks forward to guiding you on your yoga journey!